This December 2013 I am leading a number of guided walks for City Lit through DARK LONDON.

London at night is a mysterious place. People behave differently, the streets are sodium yellow and the parks are dark. As colours desaturate, familiar areas reveal the murky underbelly of dark London. This winter, City Lit invites you to venture into the night and explore the wild shadow city.

London at Night

Tuesday 26 November

For this introductory walk, we’ll pick and mix the most extraordinary night-time experiences London has to offer. We’ll explore how cities change at night and how we change with them. We’ll experience the sights and sounds, the food and drinks, the lights and the shadows of London’s darker side, and along the way we’ll revisit the city’s history of shady activities and dark deeds.


London Liquor

Wednesday 27 November

Once the sun is well over the yardarm, we’ll raise a toast to the intoxicating world of London drink. We’ll investigate both sides of the great battle between gin drinkers and beer drinkers, immortalised by Hogarth and still celebrated every night across London, and along the way we’ll stop at an array of the city’s finest drinking establishments.


Nocturnal Safari

Tuesday 3 December

London’s strangest animals are best encountered at night. This tour of the capital’s mythical menagerie will introduce you to dragons, merfolk, unicorns, leogryphs and a horde of unexpected creatures with wings. We’ll meet monstrous shapes and fantastic fauna. We’ll stop for a drink half way through. Do not feed the beasts.


Dark Dickens

Wednesday 4 December

We follow the footsteps of London’s literary colossus, Charles Dickens, on this insomniac ramble through the London night. We’ll visit gibbets and gaols, breweries, bridges, churches and asylums on a circular tour through the bustling London of his novels. We’ll stop for a drink at the historic Anchor Tavern.


Cheese Dreams

Tuesday 10 December

Looking for a more adventurous nightlife? You need cheese. This is the perfect way to prime your mind for lucid dreaming, on a fromage foray through the cheeses of London. We’ll eat lots of delicious cheese on this tour through London’s cheesiest locations, taking in cheese art, architecture, comedy and tragedy, as well as a history of British cheese.


London Pilgrimage

Wednesday 11 December

Night is not only a time of revelry, it is also a sacred time, a time for stillness and contemplation. For the final walk in the Dark London series, we become pilgrims, treading a thread-like path between some of London’s most spiritual secular and sacred locations. Carrying candles we will create our own London Pilgrimage and bring our nocturnal adventures to a contemplative close.