Pilgrims walking

Here are some of my literary journeys.

THE VALE OF LLANGOLLEN. I walked in the footsteps of the young William Hazlitt, who wanted to initiate himself in the ‘mysteries of natural scenery’ in north Wales. I wrote the walk up for the Guardian.

THE LAKE POETS. Wordsworth, Coleridge and Southey, October 2014. Walks around the Lake District, visiting the landscapes that inspired the Romantics. We stayed at Greta Hall, home of Colerdige and Southey.

PRE-RAPHAELITE PILGRIMAGE. William Morris, September 2013. A pilgrimage through southeast London to The Red House in Bexleyheath, created in collaboration with the National Trust.

JOURNEY OUT OF ESSEX. John Clare, July 2013. Tracing the footsteps of John Clare from his asylum in High Beach, Epping Forest to his home in Northborough, Cambridgeshire.

QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL. Thomas Malory, May 2013. Modern Knights of the Round Table quest for the Holy Grail from Winchester to Glastonbury.

THE CANTERBURY TALES. Geoffrey Chaucer, April 2013. A recreation of Chaucer’s greatest work of literature. A group of modern pilgrims walk from Southwark to Canterbury.

NIGHT WALK. Charles Dickens, September 2012. A night-time walk through London in the footsteps of Dickens’ insomnia.

THE WASTE LAND. TS Eliot, June 2012. A perambulatory group reading of The Waste Land from East London Cemetery to London Bridge.

MANDEVILLE’S TRAVELS. John Mandeville, March 2012. A solo cycle from coast to coast across Hainan Island, off south east China, looking for the medieval Earthly Paradise.

SWIMMING THE HELLESPONT. Lord Byron, May 2010. A swim across the Hellespont from Europe to Asia on the bicentenary of Byron’s historic crossing.

SAINT AIDAN. August 2009. A walk from coast to coast across Scotland in the footsteps of St Aidan, first bishop of Lindisfarne. From Iona off Mull to Holy Island off Northumberland.

As well as my own literary walks, I also lead guided walks for Cheese and City Lit.