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*****APPLE’S 10 BEST APPS Of OF 2016*****

The Tempest from Heuristic Shakespeare is a tool for demystifying one of Shakespeare’s plays and making it more accessible to a modern audience. Sir Ian McKellen and Professor Sir Jonathan Bate take us on journey of discovery using the world-famous Arden Shakespeare texts and their extensive essays and notes. The apps function is to provide an essential aid to understanding and enjoying the plays in the theatre or on the screen.

Shakespeare wrote his plays to be seen and heard, not read. The Tempest puts you face to face with the characters at the heart of each play. It makes his language and references easily accessible and helps you to understand each play from the inside out. It features a cast of professional Shakespearean actors performing the play and also contains:

  • The full text of The Tempest as published in the First Folio.
  • A full digital version of Arden Shakespeare edition of The Tempest.
  • The ability to switch between three different levels of notes depending on the level of reader’s needs.
  • A full breakdown and explanation of every character and all of their lines across every scene.
  • A linked historical time line of Shakespeare’s life, his plays, his theatres, and contemporary context to put it all into perspective.
  • Video explanations and discussions by both Sir Ian McKellen and Professor Sir Jonathan Bate on characters, themes, and the meaning of the play.
  • A full “play at a glance” with illustrations and summaries to explain the play’s plot with key quotes and events.
  • A history of all the major productions of The Tempest from the 17th century to the present day.
  • The option to make notes, copy and highlight text that can be collected, correlated and exported for later use.
  • The option to search the play’s full text and essays.